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Homeowners Advocating for Residential Solar Panels

In the recent years there has been an enhancement on the use and installation of solar panels in many residential homes. The main factor that has to motivate different homeowners to make the installation is in order to help the environment by use of renewable sources of energy which will positively affect the environment and ensure the people can derive clean and pure energy from the sun. Climate change impacts are already being manifested in different regions of the world, and this has resulted to making different homeowners to make conscious decisions to move from the traditional source of electricity that was sourced from burning of fossil fuel and consider renewable sources of energy. To further explore with use of renewable sources of energy like solar panels is not harmful to the human health plus with the requirement of water resources in the fossil fuel production, the solar panels once installed only require the sun in their energy production.

Over the years it has been proved, residential homeowners are noted to increase the value of their homes with installation of the solar panels; the high sensitization on the need to appreciate renewable energy has resulted to the need of the many property developers to install solar panels. An identified feature is that home buyers understand the moment a house is fixed with a solar panel it means there is savings that are done from day one and also offer long term savings which makes installation of solar panels not just for immediate need and use but also act as investments in the future. A key feature noted is, the solar panels are noted to extend the life of the roof as they protect the roof from weather elements like the snow, rain and debris, further especially during summer give that the sun does not directly hit the roof instead the sun is being absorbed by the panels keeps the house cooler.

Individuals who install residential solar panels are given an opportunity to earn tax credits given the government has offered the residents a platform that allows them to supply the extra energy the produce with the solar panel to the national grid. An advantage is realized as from the money that is collected from the government the homeowner has an opportunity to earn extra cash that is used to settle other probing bills. Lastly an added benefit is the solar panels not only produce solar energy during the sunny days bit also draw energy during the cloudy day despite the production being 70% less that produced on a sunny day, thus the solar panels can be installed in many areas of the globe.

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