I Am Back in Nevada Again

Of course I came here working in construction. A friend of mine recommended me for the job, of course I am the sort of carpenter that is not real easy to find. Every man in my immediate family specializes in custom cabinet work and I have been doing it since I was 12 when my dad would take me to work with him all summer. At any rate I have had some interesting clients lately. It was a long time before I realized that they were Las Vegas escorts. This is not the sort of work a girl can do for ever, not even if she wanted to do it. These girls seem to have things pretty well figured out when it comes to a retirement plan. They apparently make a lot of money doing what they do and there are about half a dozen of them going partners in real estate.

In fact I have known plenty of people in that business as a matter of course and these girls seem to have things worked out as well as most of them. None of the others ever offered me as interesting an offer of course. It was obvious that they had seen my work and they really liked it, especially since they had bought a pretty nice old house that needed a complete renovation. The problem for them is that I have already gotten myself a big reputation. I am doing good work and it is hard to find someone else who can do this well. In the end I just was not going to settle for less money than I was getting anywhere else, but they did offer some very enticing bonuses and I was not going to refuse to listen. They ended up letting me stay for free in one of the houses in exchange for working for them only while they need me.