Family Tree

By Ernest Eugene (Gene) Tissot, Jr.

I have in my possession a family tree that goes back to 1285. It covers 14 continuous generations to the mid 1500s.

Here is our Tissot lineage. Robert Kalani, the youngest Tissot, was born in Hawaii. His three predecessors were born in California and all others were born in Switzerland.


Robert Kalani 1995-
Brian Nelson 1957-
Ernest Eugene Jr. 1927-
Ernest Eugene 1905-1952
Jules Ernest 1864-1915
Louis 1834-?
Jonas Louis 1807-?
Jean Jacque 1773-1817
Jean Jacque 1738-1797
David Henri 1692-1747
Jean Gouverneur in 1679
Pierre Gouveneur in 1657
Jacques Justicier in 1609
Jacob Maire de Valangin 1555-1580
Gouverneur de Commune 1590
Abraham-Edouard 1285